The Recipe That Exceeds the Effectiveness of Basic Hangover Products

The reminder of a great night out on the town may be the fun pictures and the amazing memories. It could also be a devastating, “the world is ending” sort of hangover. Most people understand that over imbibing leads to unhappy consequences, but they either fail to realize when they reach their limit or decide to worry about the problem when it happens. Hangovers are never fun and their effects can easily last throughout the next day or even…

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Hangover Products to Help You Recover After a Night on the Town

A night on the town with friends is always fun, at least until the next morning arrives. The aftereffects of the evening can be felt for hours to come unless one makes use of hangover products. There’s a reason why people say the hair of the dog that bit is the best cure. However, that isn’t the only remedy.

Hangovers are the result of hormones in the brain changing in response to the alcohol consumption. Drinking also leads to changes in…

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4 Hangover Cures Science Has Proven to Work

For as long as we’ve had alcohol, we’ve had hangovers. That nasty feeling you have the morning after a great night has been plaguing us for generations – but now, science is set out to beat it. Scientists from all over the world have set out to find out which classic hangover products really work, and you might be surprised by the result.

Surprising Hangover Cures That Work
1. Bacon and Eggs
You’ve probably heard that a big plate of bacon…

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The Bloody Caesar is Taking Mary’s Crown

The Bloody Mary – a cocktail that contains tomato juice, vodka and a combination of spices – has long been considered the “classic” hangover drink. The origins of the drink are actually unclear, too – there are conflicting stories about how it came to be. One popular tale says that Fernand Petiot, a bartender born in Paris in 1900, invented the drink at the New York Bar in Paris, in 1921.
This spicy drink has a number of variations,…

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Bloody Caesars Cure Your Hangover and Boost Your Immune System

The Bloody Caesar, a Canadian invention designed to build on the immensely popular Bloody Mary, is much more than just a great kick in the morning. This famous drink, which you can make at home with Parker’s Bloody Caesar drink mix, can cure your hangover and give you a great health boost. Thanks to the tomatoes, garnish vegetables and even the clams, a Bloody Caesar gives you an antioxidant boost, and a hefty dose of vitamins and minerals.


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Best Bloody Caesar Recipe

As hot as it is outside during the day, the nights are starting to cool down. Not enough to warrant warm drinks, but enough that your nightcap should pack a punch. At Parker’s our favorite drink this time of year is a Bloody Caesar–it’s spicy, well-balanced, and strong. And you’re in luck because we have the best Bloody Caesar recipe around, but first, let’s learn a little more about this spicy, acidic, salty drink.
All Hail The Caesar
In my bloody mary…

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Hangover Cures From Around the World

Feeling rough the next morning is an international struggle, but how different countries and cultures deal with it may surprise you. Read on to see hangover products and cures from around the world, and who knows? You may pick up something new to try the next time you feel awful.
Hangover Products and Cures From Around the World

Brits fill up with a full English Breakfast, including bacon, sausage, black pudding, fried bread, beans, eggs, and maybe some tomatoes. The…

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Hangover Products

After a night of drinking, the next morning is always rough. If you’re feeling the pain from your fun last night, here’s our recommended list of hangover products and morning after aids. As always, we advise you to drink responsibly and drink water before calling it quits for the night.
Hangover Products

After a long night, nothing feels better than sleeping it off in a dark room. Black out blinds (or shades) now come in a variety of colors and patterns, and can…

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Bloody Mary History

When you think of the few “classic” cocktails that bartenders even know how to make anymore, none has a more storied past than the Bloody Mary, this year celebrating its 80th birthday. In fact, if it weren’t for the 18th Amendment and the Russian Revolution there would be no Bloody Mary.

While its original name and recipe may be disputed, its birthplace is not—except by one man, Colin Field of the Hemingway Bar at The Ritz Hotel in Paris, who…

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The Science Behind a Bloody Mary

Ever wonder why people drink Bloody Marys in the morning? Well, aside from the obvious excuse to get your drink on at 10 a.m. (or earlier!) the Bloody Mary can, hypothetically, help a hangover to a certain degree.
Now don’t quote us here because the science in all of this is somewhat spotty — after all, what enthusiastic drinker isn’t looking for a cure-all the morning after? — but the basic idea is that alcohol contains trace amounts of methanol,…

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Virgin Bloody Mary

Let us introduce you to the Virgin Bloody Mary, aka your next hangover cure. A Virgin Bloody Mary has all the punch of its alcoholic cousin without any of the buzz, and is the perfect thing to get you going the morning after. Tomatoes are a great way to start feeling like yourself after a heavy night, and the kick from Parker’s is a guaranteed way to get you going.

Virgin Bloody Mary

1 Shot Parker’s
Lime Juice
Tomato or Clamato Juice
Favorite Toppings


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Tailgate the Right Way

And just like that, summer is wrapping up and football season is upon us. As the weather cools down, now is the perfect time to build your perfect tailgating kit (which of course includes some Parker’s Hangover Tonic).

A portable grill. Obviously charcoal will make things easier, but there are some nice propane versions on the market now. If you’re working with charcoal, be sure to pack some lighter fluid and either matches or a lighter.
Folding table and chairs. If…

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