Make Book Club Better with a Bloody Mary Bar

When it comes to book clubs, movie clubs, or the occasional couple date, wine is an easy go-to. But if you’re looking to kick things up a notch, try a Bloody Mary Bar. Bloody Mary bars are easy, fun, and ensure that everyone gets exactly what they want. Making them with Parker’s Hangover Tonic makes it easy and fast to set up your bar. Set up bottles of Clamato and tomato juice at one end, with bottles of everyone’s favorite spirit and tall glasses. After adding a shot of alcohol, each person can add around a shot of Parker’s (for a more toned down flavor, add less; add more to kick up the heat). Fill the rest of the glass with juice and then start working on toppings. Below are our ideas for taking your Bloody Mary Bar from ho-hum to fantastic.

  • Rim each glass in Parker’s Hangover Tonic and flavored salts for a more punchy drink.
  • Set out your favorite vodkas, including our cucumber and bacon vodkas.
  • Don’t shy away from adding other spirits to your table–scotch or whiskey makes for something new.
  • Set up your table with toppings that may surprise. Take advice from our Top 10 Outrageous Toppings.
  • Save space and time by prepping each glass with some basics like a straw, ice, and a celery stick.
  • For extra ease, premake some Parker’s To Go and set it on the left side of the table to replace the different spirits and juice.
  • Whip up a few appetizers to go with your bar, and keep everything on par with some of our delicious recipes.
  • If the heat outside is getting to you, go ahead and garnish your drink with a Bloody Mary Popsicle–we won’t tell.
  • If you’ve got a Martini drinker in the crowd, we’ve got you covered–make some Parker’s To Go and freeze it in ice cubes the day before.
  • Quickly make flavored salts by adding strong spices 1-to-1 with kosher salt. Paprika is a good choice.
  •  If bacon is a must-have for your Bloody Mary Bar, you can bake a whole sheet tray in the over the day of–less mess, and perfectly flat pieces every time.
  • If you have a Caeser-lover coming, prep a dozen shrimp for garnishes and make some Parker’s Clams.

At Parker’s Hangover Tonic, we love a good Bloody Mary Bar. We know how easy and fun it can be, and we encourage all of our customers to look it to setting one up for their next get together. Whether you make it super simple with some pre-made mixes and simple garnishes, or go all out (glazed donuts, anyone?) we know that you’ll have a great time setting up and enjoying your custom drink–all in less time than it takes to let that red wine breathe.