4 Hangover Cures Science Has Proven to Work

For as long as we’ve had alcohol, we’ve had hangovers. That nasty feeling you have the morning after a great night has been plaguing us for generations – but now, science is set out to beat it. Scientists from all over the world have set out to find out which classic hangover products really work, and you might be surprised by the result.

Surprising Hangover Cures That Work

1. Bacon and Eggs

You’ve probably heard that a big plate of bacon is the perfect cure for hangover – and while it might just sound like an excuse to have a big, delicious breakfast, it’s actually true.

According to the University of Newcastle in the United Kingdom, the proteins found in bacon can help neurotransmitters in the brain start functioning properly again. Even just the smell of bacon can technically help the brain recuperate after a heavy night drinking.

Eggs, which go great with bacon anyway, contain an amino acid that helps break down the enzymes in alcohol. By combining eggs and bacon, you’ll not just be helping neurotransmitters recuperate, but you will be giving your liver a hand in the processing of the alcohol in your body.

2. Pears

A ripe pear in the morning can be a great way to start the day if you’ve been drinking the night before. Research from the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization of Australia has found that pears are able to lower alcohol levels in the body.

The organization says that pear juice works just as well as an actual pear, and can reduce inflammation, relieve constipation, and more.

Pears can counteract alcohol metabolism, which reduces the body’s blood alcohol levels quickly.

3. Cured Meat

Yes, more meat! Cured meats, like jerky, contain plenty of protein which can help reduce the effects of a hangover. Specifically, science has shown that eating meat protein at the same time as drinking alcohol will ensure neurotransmitters work properly even when consuming alcohol.

4. Bloody Caesar

A Bloody Caesar drink is a classic hangover cure, and science backs it up, too. When you use Bloody Mary seasoning from Parker’s, you can enjoy a delicious breakfast drink that’s perfect for a hangover. In the book Proof: The Science of Booze by Adam Rogers, it’s revealed that a hangover is a kind of methanol toxicity. This means that when you have another drink – like a Bloody Caesar – the ethanol in the alcohol will cancel out any abundance of methanol in your body.

There you have it – science has confirmed what we know all along. Bloody Caesars are the perfect hangover cure!

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