The Recipe That Exceeds the Effectiveness of Basic Hangover Products

The reminder of a great night out on the town may be the fun pictures and the amazing memories. It could also be a devastating, “the world is ending” sort of hangover. Most people understand that over imbibing leads to unhappy consequences, but they either fail to realize when they reach their limit or decide to worry about the problem when it happens. Hangovers are never fun and their effects can easily last throughout the next day or even beyond. Many hangover products exist but most are ineffective. Luckily, not all of them lead to disappointment. Here is one solution that not only works but is enjoyable too.

Can a specific drink cure a hangover?

One of the best solutions for any hangover is the bloody caesar. Most adults are familiar with a hangover remedy beverage known as the Bloody Mary. This drink is similar to it but even more effective. It contains many of the same ingredients and a few extras to boost its power. The recipe includes a blend of tomato and clam juice, hot sauce, and a special assortment of spices. A tonic that contains everything except the vodka and clamato juice is currently available for the fastest hangover solution.

How does it work?

The caesar drink works because it resupplies the body with so many of the nutrients and vitamins it needs. Vitamin C is an important factor in overcoming a hangover. Many people recommend drinking orange juice for this reason, but tomatoes actually contain more Vitamin C than oranges. The diuretic effect of alcohol causes the body to eliminate potassium too rapidly. Clam juice is high in potassium and adding it will combat the feeling of fuzzy-headedness and eliminate the dreaded hangover headache. Capsaicin, the active ingredient in hot peppers, is an anti-inflammatory and aids in pain relief, which is why hot sauce is so vital to the mix. These are just some of the ingredients used in the drink and why it is able to work so well.

Is it a cure-all?

The truth is that there is no instant hangover solution that will totally eliminate the discomfort as soon as it is taken. All hangover products take a short while to be absorbed into the system and begin to work. They are more useful when people combine their use with some common sense steps of their own. Drinking water to rehydrate the body before collapsing into bed on party night helps. Drinking more water upon waking is equally important. Add a little salt to the hangover drink or to a nice breakfast to replenish sodium lost along with the potassium. Make certain the meal includes fruit, eggs, and oatmeal to replenish even more of the nutrients the alcohol took away.

The best part of this fun and delicious hangover mix is that it is not just suitable for creating one drink that is consumed only during a hangover. The drink is enjoyable anytime as an alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverage. It is also perfect as a marinade or when used as an ingredient in a variety of recipes. The tonic has a long shelf life, so it is always available whether it is needed to spice up a meal or stop the physical reminders of a really wild night.