Best Bloody Caesar Recipe

As hot as it is outside during the day, the nights are starting to cool down. Not enough to warrant warm drinks, but enough that your nightcap should pack a punch. At Parker’s our favorite drink this time of year is a Bloody Caesar–it’s spicy, well-balanced, and strong. And you’re in luck because we have the best Bloody Caesar recipe around, but first, let’s learn a little more about this spicy, acidic, salty drink.

All Hail The Caesar
In my bloody mary travels, I have discovered that the closer you approach our maple syrup loving Northern neighbors, the more you’ll see one very interesting tomato based cocktail variation — The Caesar. Invented in 1969, it’s basically a bloody mary but uses Clamato instead of regular tomato juice. Clamato sounds like it could be anything from a 90’s group dance with repetitive choreography to a ShamWow spin off to a persistent bout of toe fungus, but in fact, it’s just a combination of tomato and clam juice. If you can get over the rather unappetizing name, and the fact that you are actually drinking something called “clam juice,” you’ll probably be sold.
Lending a more complex flavor generally and having a bit more salty brininess, the Caesar provides a good alternative to your traditional bloody mary. But the thing I enjoy most about Caesars is the fact that, unlike bloody marys which are often relegated to brunch time only, the Caesar is a perfectly acceptable cocktail to drink any time of day. – Shelley Buchanan of The Drunken Tomato

Our Best Bloody Caesar Recipe

  • One shot vodka
  • One shot Parker’s Hangover Tonic
  • Ice
  • Clamato juice

When it comes to delicious drinks, we pride ourselves in knowing exactly what to serve up. Our delicious and spicy tonic is sure to keep your mouth guessing with spice, and just the right amount of acidity to salt. We spent years perfecting our recipe to give you the best drink of your life, made simple. From cookouts to camping and everything in-between, Parker’s Hangover Tonic is the fastest way to mix up your favorite drinks. If you’re headed out and want to make mixing even easier, make some Parker’s to go!

Parker’s On the Go

Mix ¾ C. Parker’s Hangover Tonic with 2 quarts (64 oz.) Clamato or Tomato juice. Now all you need is the vodka. Add more Parker’s if you would like it spicier!

Then when it comes time to start mixing, simply add a shot of your favorite vodka and get down to business! This is a great way to travel and ensures that you’ll get the perfectly balanced drink without hassle–and is a great way to make our best bloody caesar recipe!