Warm Up with Parker’s

On the first chilly days of fall, there’s an obsession with all things Pumpkin Spice, but you’re overlooking a very important fall food–the tomato and all the seasonings that go along with it. What better way to warm up than with Parker’s Hangover Tonic? Below are our favorite ways to add Parker’s to our fall foods.

  • Tomato soup can go from boring to exciting with a splash of Parker’s. Throw some in while you’re making or reheating this fall classic and revel in your cooking ability.
  • Add Parker’s to your beef, chicken, or pork for punchy flavor and the perfect amount of seasoning.
  • Make your own “special sauce” by mixing Parker’s with mayo before slathering it on sandwiches.
  • Amp up coleslaw and other “tougher” salads with some Parker’s.
  • Mix some Parker’s into your family’s chili recipe for a heavier punch of flavor.
  • In the same vein, add Parker’s to pasta sauce for easy flavor.

One of the best parts of fall is mixing up a Bloody Mary with fresh tomatoes. It’s a little more work, but the pay-off is great.

  • Gather fresh tomatoes, rinse, and peel.
  • Slice and puree tomatoes with a splash of lemon juice.
  • Strain pulp and juice until smooth.
  • Add Parker’s and vodka
  • Garnish with favorite accruments (including more tomatoes).
  • Relish fall flavor

As the weather cools down, now is a great time to explore new garnishes for your Parker’s drinks. Take a look at your garden (or the local Farmer’s Market) and search out:

  • fresh herbs
  • interesting heirloom tomatoes
  • homemade pickled goods
  • squashes

With the holiday seasons coming up, Parker’s is also the best and easiest gift you’ll give all year. We love making gift baskets or other gifts. Below are our top tips for gifting right this year.

  • Make a cooking gift basket with a bottle of Parker’s, nice salt and pepper, grilling tools, and a “kiss the cook” apron
  • Pick up an airplane-sized bottle of their favorite spirit and tie it to a bottle of Parker’s for an easy gift
  • A gift card or certificate to their favorite butcher and a bottle of Parker’s may get you an invite to the dinner they’re sure to whip up
  • For your traveling friend, some Parker’s nuts may be just the ticket

We love the fall weather, and love coming up with great food ideas, gift suggestions, and highlighting the flavors of the season with Parker’s. We’d love to hear from you! How are you planning to use Parker’s this year? Maybe whipping up one of our famous recipes at a tailgate, or giving the best gifts this year? Either way–we’d love for you to let us know how you’re planning on using Parker’s Hangover Tonic to make your fall amazing.