Cool Down This Summer with Cucumber Vodka

Traditional mixed drinks, specifically flavorful ones like a Bloody Mary or Caesar, can feel a little heavy in the summer months. Lighten up as the weather warms up with some cucumber vodka. Our Cool as a Cucumber drink is crafted to give you a refreshing drink with all the heat and punch of a regular Bloody Mary.

If you’re looking for a fun way to mix up your summer days, try your hand at making your own cucumber vodka to make this light and summer drink. Technically, cucumber vodka is infused, making it easy to do at home.

Find a large and solid English cucumber. They are milder and sweeter than traditional cucumbers and yield more fruit as compared to their Americanized cousins. Peel the cucumber and then seed it with a spoon, scooping out all the soft inner flesh, which will break down too much in the vodka. One large cucumber infuses well in 0.75 L of vodka (if you’re looking for a good locally distilled spirit, we love Trailhead’s Great North Vodka).

Chop the seeded and peeled cucumber in to small chunks and then place in a seal-able container, like a mason jar. Cover with 0.75 L of vodka and store in a cool, dark place (like a closet or pantry). Store for at least three days, but up to a week for maximum flavor. Agitate the vodka daily by vigorously shaking the container.

Strain the vodka with a fine strainer, cheesecloth, or coffee filters before chilling.

One shot of cucumber vodka mixed with one shot of Parker’s Hangover Tonic and either Clamato or tomato juice makes for a fun, breezy, easy drink to share with friends and family this summer.

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