The Bloody Caesar is Taking Mary’s Crown

The Bloody Mary – a cocktail that contains tomato juice, vodka and a combination of spices – has long been considered the “classic” hangover drink. The origins of the drink are actually unclear, too – there are conflicting stories about how it came to be. One popular tale says that Fernand Petiot, a bartender born in Paris in 1900, invented the drink at the New York Bar in Paris, in 1921.

This spicy drink has a number of variations, with different vegetables being used as garnish, and even some variants including seafood and bacon – but the reign of Queen Bloody Mary is over. And here comes the Bloody Caesar.

A Canadian Legend

The Bloody Caesar is a Canadian cocktail that contains hot sauce, vodka, Worcestershire sauce, ice, celery salt and a stick of celery. What really sets it apart from the Bloody Mary, however, is the Caesar mix. This Caesar drink mix is a combination of tomato juice and a clam broth, creating a truly unique flavor that makes this the new ruler of the hangover products and drinks.

Unlike the Bloody Mary, the origins of the Bloody Caesar are certain. It was 1969, and a restaurant manager named Walter Chell, from the Calgary Inn, came up with a cocktail that would become the “signature drink” of the establishment. Today known as the Westin Hotel, the Calgary Inn’s Italian restaurant became the home of the original Bloody Caesar, after Chell mixed vodka with clam and tomato juice, spices, and Worcestershire sauce, which resulted in a totally unique and spicy flavor.

Chell claims that his inspiration from the drink came straight from Italy, after he remembered that during a trip to Venice, he was served a dish known as Spaghetti alle vongole. This is a dish that includes tomato sauce with clams. Chell said that he believes the mixture of tomato sauce and clams could make a fantastic drink, and so to make his Bloody Caesar, he started by mashing clams to create a juice that he mixed with the other ingredients. This is no ordinary Bloody Mary drink mix.

And so, a legend was born – and to this day, the Bloody Caesar has been popular throughout Canada for its unique taste, and its ability to cure even the worst of hangovers. There are many Bloody Caesar recipes out there, but as long as you’re using Parker’s fantastic Hangover Tonic, you’ll have an extremely enjoyable drink every single time.

With Parker’s Hangover Tonic, you can recreate the legendary Bloody Caesar recipe without going to the trouble of mashing your own clams! A single 24oz bottle has enough drink mix to make 24 pint-sized Bloody Caesars or Bloody Mary drinks. Not only does it need no refrigeration, it won’t expire, either. So, whether you’re planning to use it as a marinade or to cure your hangover, you can simply take the bottle, give it a shake, and get going!