Hangover Cures From Around the World

Feeling rough the next morning is an international struggle, but how different countries and cultures deal with it may surprise you. Read on to see hangover products and cures from around the world, and who knows? You may pick up something new to try the next time you feel awful.

Hangover Products and Cures From Around the World

  • Brits fill up with a full English Breakfast, including bacon, sausage, black pudding, fried bread, beans, eggs, and maybe some tomatoes. The mix of carbs, proteins, and fats help refuel, while the grease (supposedly) absorbs the alcohol.
  • Those in South America, namely Peru, drink Leche de Tigre, or Tiger’s Milk, a combination of lime juice, spices like coriander and garlic, chilies, and fish. Also believed to be an aphrodisiac, this drink packs a serious punch.
  • It’s no secret that the Germans can hold their own, especially at the bar. Maybe their ability to out-drink everyone around them stems from this common cure-all: Katerfrühstück. Made with pickled herring and other sour foods like gherkins and lemon, this dish is believed to restore electrolytes.
  • The sour trend continues in Poland, where one of their sworn hangover products is shots of pickle juice.
  • Mexico is known for heavy spice, complex flavors, and …..Menudo? Made with tripe (the stomach of farm animals like cows, sheep, or goats) and a spicy red chilli pepper base, this soup clears you head and your sinuses.
  • The Italians are known for fine wine and fine coffee, and their hangover products are no different–they down espresso like it’s going out style. The caffeine rush is thought to dilate blood vessels, getting rid of that headache in no time.
  • Our Northern neighbors handle hangovers with hefty helpings of poutine, a traditional Canadian dish made with french fries, brown gravy, and cheese curds. The grease and carbs are believed to knock out hangovers with a one-two punch.
  • In Montana, we recommend a little hair of the dog. Mix up your favorite bloody Mary or Caesar to combat the nausea and headache. The spices clear out the cobwebs while the tomato juice balances electrolytes and the alcohol numbs that pounding headache. For easy access the next morning, mix up some 
  • Parker’s To Go and just dump and mix the next morning. (Psssst–we recommend cucumber or bacon vodka for extra flavor.)