Montana Matters with Parker’s Hangover Tonic

Parker’s Hangover Tonic & Montana Matters

Recently Parker’s Hangover Tonic was featured in a new segment call “Montana Matters.” Entirely focused on good made in Montana, this segment is sponsored by Avitus and shown through KTVQ2.

The segment focuses on where Parker’s Hangover Tonic Bloody Mary mix originates and how the family recipe branched out in to a national brand. Watch the clip below to see more.

You shouldn’t be surprised that this isn’t the first time someone’s gotten personal with Parker’s Hangover Tonic Bloody Mary mix and loved it. Below is an excerpt from Shelley Buchanan’s piece on our Bloody Mary mix on The Drunken Tomato.

All Hail The Caesar

In my bloody mary travels, I have discovered that the closer you approach our maple syrup loving Northern neighbors, the more you’ll see one very interesting tomato based cocktail variation — The Caesar. Invented in 1969, it’s basically a bloody mary but uses Clamato instead of regular tomato juice. Clamato sounds like it could be anything from a 90’s group dance with repetitive choreography to a ShamWow spin off to a persistent bout of toe fungus, but in fact, it’s just a combination of tomato and clam juice. If you can get over the rather unappetizing name, and the fact that you are actually drinking something called “clam juice,” you’ll probably be sold.

Lending a more complex flavor generally and having a bit more salty brininess, the Caesar provides a good alternative to your traditional bloody mary. But the thing I enjoy most about Caesars is the fact that, unlike bloody marys which are often relegated to brunch time only, the Caesar is a perfectly acceptable cocktail to drink any time of day.

When You Feel Dead, It’ll Clear Your Head

Made in Montana, Parker’s Hangover Tonic is a Caesar drink mix featuring the tagline “When you feel dead, it’ll clear your head.” I agree. Unlike traditional mixes, Parker’s is a tonic that gets added to vodka and Clamato (or tomato juice). I didn’t have a bottle of Clamato on hand, but I did have my trusty can of Sacramento tomato juice.

Even though I only used regular tomato juice, my first impression was that of a Caesar and not of a bloody mary. A certain combination of hot sauce, lime juice and horseradish provided a briny ocean-like tanginess you often only get from a Caesar. A significant amount of heat kept my taste buds dancing like a bouncy house of mouth fun, and a bright vinegar intensity elevated the savory tomato backdrop.

Head over to her site to read the rest of the article and to see her innovative spin on one of our more infamous drinks–the Bloody Scot. Whether you want to shop online or are looking for a delicious Bloody Mary or Bloody Ceaser next time you’re out and about, we’re there. We’re in hundreds of stores and businesses, and span across seven states–don’t wait! Pick up your bottle of Parker’s Hangover Tonic Bloody Mary mix today!