Make Book Club Better with a Bloody Mary Bar

When it comes to book clubs, movie clubs, or the occasional couple date, wine is an easy go-to. But if you’re looking to kick things up a notch, try a Bloody Mary Bar. Bloody Mary bars are easy, fun, and ensure that everyone gets exactly what they want. Making them with Parker’s Hangover Tonic makes it easy and fast to set up your bar. Set up bottles of Clamato and tomato juice at one end, with bottles of everyone’s…

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Top 10 Most Unlikely Bloody Mary Garnishes

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Montana Matters with Parker’s Hangover Tonic

Parker’s Hangover Tonic & Montana Matters

Recently Parker’s Hangover Tonic was featured in a new segment call “Montana Matters.” Entirely focused on good made in Montana, this segment is sponsored by Avitus and shown through KTVQ2.

The segment focuses on where Parker’s Hangover Tonic Bloody Mary mix originates and how the family recipe branched out in to a national brand. Watch the clip below to see more.

You shouldn’t be surprised that this isn’t the first time someone’s gotten personal with Parker’s…

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Shake n Bacon

How often do you dream of bacon? Bacon on hamburgers, in burritos, crumbled on fries, or tucked neatly on a sandwich? At Parker’s, we dream of bacon, too, and think that for too long it’s been shackled to the confines of solid food. That’s why we love a good bacon vodka! And making your own is easy and fun (especially if you quality control the bacon in the process). Follow along with our bacon infusion below and let us…

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Cool Down This Summer with Cucumber Vodka

Traditional mixed drinks, specifically flavorful ones like a Bloody Mary or Caesar, can feel a little heavy in the summer months. Lighten up as the weather warms up with some cucumber vodka. Our Cool as a Cucumber drink is crafted to give you a refreshing drink with all the heat and punch of a regular Bloody Mary.

If you’re looking for a fun way to mix up your summer days, try your hand at making your own cucumber vodka to…

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Warm Up with Parker’s

On the first chilly days of fall, there’s an obsession with all things Pumpkin Spice, but you’re overlooking a very important fall food–the tomato and all the seasonings that go along with it. What better way to warm up than with Parker’s Hangover Tonic? Below are our favorite ways to add Parker’s to our fall foods.

Tomato soup can go from boring to exciting with a splash of Parker’s. Throw some in while you’re making or reheating this fall classic…

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